At CCH our primary focus is on Rule #1: We can always be wrong. Our professionals have significant experience. However, we are fully aware pride accumulation can result in catastrophic results. Armed with that understanding of Rule #1, our primary determinant in deal selection is based on our leadership attribution screen. Only then, do we rely on deal characteristics as a secondary consideration to benefit our existing portfolio companies and investors. Remaining cognizant of Rule #1, we mitigate risk through diversity of activities amongst various categories.

Diversification of strategy serves multiple purposes. Initially, it mitigates concentration risk. Additionally, it reduces financial, cultural, and emotional volatility. By reducing such volatility we maintain an environment of optimal information gathering and decision-making.

Finally, our diversification strategy provides our portfolio company founders, managers, and employees with broader perspectives and unique insights into different business models and operation dynamics facilitating team-generated creativity and maximum long-term equity returns.

We characterize our deals in three areas: Stage, Industry Sector and Geography.

Deal Stage

CCH professionals have completed deals representing an array of phases such as seed, growth, expansion, mature and late stage. Our #1 Rule requires that we remain stage agnostic to avoid macro and micro exposures specific to a specific stage. This discipline serves two purposes. First, it enables our teams to benefit from various stage perspectives associated within our portfolio. Second, our investors are able to achieve more diversified stages and reduce portfolio volatility. The combination of both maximizes long-term equity returns.

Deal Industry Sector

CCH professionals have completed deals representing various industry sectors such as technology, distribution, manufacturing, hospitality, biotechnology, healthcare services, consumer services, financial services and real estate. Similar to our deal stage strategy, our #1 Rule requires that we remain industry sector agnostic. Again, this enables our teams to benefit from exposure to unique industry processes from within our portfolio, while also providing our investors with increased diversification and reduced volatility.

Deal Geography

The CCH professionals have significant experience in domestic, international and cross-boarder deals covering multiple countries and regions including: U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Mexico, Latin America, Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Israel, India and Pakistan. Similar to deal stage and industry sector strategies, we generally remain geographically neutral. Although we may not choose to pursue deals located in various parts of the world, we do look for businesses with significant international participation to mitigate specific country or geographic area concentration.



We focus on five primary attributes: Humility, Trust, Service, Discernment, and Perseverance.




Our professionals have earned founder, management, employee, and investor trust.


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