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Covenant Capital Holdings is a merchant equity firm maximizing equity values through an array of capital, strategic and structural strategies. Covenant establishes long-term equity partnership positions with founders, management teams, and investors based on leadership and cultural values. Long-term equity value creation results from the building of teams under exceptional leadership. Our focus on founders, management teams, and employees results in reduced operational volatility and creates a unique environment for maximum equity appreciation.

Our Vision


We focus on five primary attributes: Humility, Trust, Service, Discernment, and Perseverance.

Covenant has developed a proprietary approach for evaluating opportunities. We recognize long-term success is primarily dependent on core leadership values rather than stage, industry sector or geographic parameters.

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Our Approach


We characterize our deals in three areas: Stage, Industry Sector and Geography.

At CCH our primary focus is on Rule #1: We can always be wrong. Our professionals have significant experience. However, we are fully aware pride accumulation can result in catastrophic results.

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Our Experience


Our professionals have earned founder, management, employee, and investor trust.

While contributing to significant equity appreciation and investor returns associated with over $28 billion in deal activity. Our professionals have completed deals and generated returns...

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Contact Information

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35th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104
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